Long Road Home

This table began with a large slab of pearwood from the Jere Osgood collection which I obtained when he retired. I have used parts of it elsewhere including a public art piece at the Lakes Region Community college in Laconia. It’s used pretty much as found preserving the live edge, working with the flaws in the wood, and building a complementary base of walnut.

The cutoff that became the medallion was really a mess but too valuable to toss. Thus, its flaws became my inspiration for the layered hillside motif. The base design and mounting of the medallion are inspired by photos of Chinese gongs, thus the carvings are inspired by Chinese illustrations. I’ve actually connected the carvings on either side by a road which winds its way over the hillsides, past a mine or cave, over a mountain pass and down to a village by a lake on the other side.