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They show projects I’ve made in the past few years, including lots of work in progress photos, which I hope you will find instructional. Click on the thumbmail or on [read more] to see each article.

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2016 August August 2016 A Sculpture from a found log

2016-june June 2016 A Cabinet for the entry of a beach house

2016-february February 2016 Whale Tale Multipurpose Cabinet delivered

November 2015 Whale Tale Carving

November 2015Carving the drop front door on the shoe storage part of the bench [read more]

September 2015 Progress on Multipurpose Cabinet

September 2015 v2Some photos of the assembly process, and of the chair set More from the Menagerie, and the dining table Judy’s Surp [read more]

July 2015 Multipurpose Cabinet and Bench

July 2015The design drawing, frame parts cut out and a dry assembly of a custom piece that combines a chest of drawers, a bench and shoe storage, for an entry to a walk up flat in Portsmouth’s South End  [read more]

June 2015 More Giraffes and the ABG Re-internment Ceremony

June 2015The reintermnent ceremony for the African Burial Ground, how I color my carvings, and a child’s sized chair carved as a giraffe.  [read more]

May 2015 Giraffe Chair – child’s sized

April 2015Caskets for the African Burial Ground in Portsmouth, and some work in progress photos of some carved furniture – a chair and a lamp   [read more]

February 2015 African Burial Ground coffins

February 2015 ABG I have finished work on the reinternment coffins for the African Burial Grounds park here in Portsmouth, and here they are.    [read more]

November 2014 Bear Chair and Gala

November 2014 Bear chairHere are some work in progress photos of a bear chair I am making in some old pine I have saved. [read more]

October, 2014  Continuing work on the garden benches

October 2014

Working on the joinery and carvings of the garden benches [read more]

September, 2014: A pair of garden benches

Sept 2014 A fellow member of the Furniture Masters suggested black locust as a locally harvested, weather resistant wood for my outdoor garden benches. Last newsletter showed the models I made, and here I’ve started making the seats for them. [read more]

July 2014: Progress report on table for elm slab top

July 2014 The bracing below on this table base has a ladder-like design with built in proportions based on a golden mean. Also in this newsletter I’ve made great progress on the carvings for the end caps. [read more]

June 2014: Iris and Butterfly Mirror

June 2014 A round mirror with a shelf in Art Nouveau style, with iris and butterfly carvings, for the entryway of a home in Florida. This newsletter also shows the design process for a dining table base for a wide English Elm slab.        [read more] 

April 2014: Ants and Door completed

April 2014 Here is the Ant Totem I have been showing as “work in progress” and also the carved wine cellar door collaboration with Vigilant Woodworks.  [read more]

March 2014: Ant Totem

March 2014Almost finished with the sculptural piece commemorating the ant colony destroyed when milling the walnut log.[read more]

October 2013: Plant stand evolving

October 2013The plant stand in transformation. Here are some photos of the building and carving progressing[read more]

August 2013: Plant stand model

Auguast 2013A while ago I collected a very interesting stone, and now I am working a plant stand/chair sculpture[read more]

May 2013: Screen finished

May 2013The finished screen “Three Quotes from Ovid” I have been showing as work in progress.[read more]

March 2013: Screen Collaboration

March 2013When not playing in snow I’ve been busily working on the screen collaboration with Catherine Green[read more]

February 2013: Screen drawings

Fbruary 2013I have just launched my new website, very exciting, designed by Jacqueline Stahle of Think Design, in Exeter, NH[read more]

Oct 2012 Bridges House Kitchen

October 2012 square All the relief is done in 5/16 inch depth. Here’s how. I’ve determined eight levels of depth within the sceneand numbered them on the drawing. The carving in progress using several painterly techniques to show depth of field – convergence, overlaps, scale, texture, detail, placement, and focus. [read more]

Sept 2012 Three Projects

September 2012 squareThis pair of chairs has more detailed carvings on the crest- one has night scenes front and back, and the other sunrise and sunset. And I learned a new way to insert an upholstered seat back from my upholsterer, Richard Croston of North Hampton. [read more]

August 2012 Arms to Armchairs

August 2012 (2) square

There is little choice but to use screws to attach the chair arms to the back leg and I have done countless repairs where these screws have failed. To make sure no one has to fix these I have inset the arms into the uprights of the chairs. [read more]

July 2012 Collaboration, and Flowers Chair finished

Bird and Flower The title of the collaboration with Teresa Taylor is “Certainty meets Uncertainty” from a conversation  about work styles of woodworkers and ceramicists – “the workmanship of certainty” we strive for in the wood shop, and the fact that you never really know what’s going to come out of the kiln. [read more]

May 2012 Black Bear Pair Bench for Wende and Mike

May 2012 square

I have been building a Double Bear Bench for Wende and Mike. I’ve made several of these, and you can see one at the League of NH Craftsmen’s new headquarters in Concord.  [read more]

 April 2012 A Dining Table

April 2012 square

I designed this six legged table to be sure it doesn’t sag when fully extended. The slides will fasten to the base rather than the underside of the top because I prefer that the base has full integrity and the top being supported by it. [read more]

 March 2012  Finishing up the chair set

March 2012 (2) square I have attached my router to an oval cutting jug with two pivot points that slide on tracks on the x and y axes, but the maximum difference between length and width was only 8 inches. Not enough, so I had to be creative. [read more]

January 2012 Coloring the carvings

January 2012 square I promised to show you more about how I color the relief carvings, so here are before and after pictures of a heron carving. In the first the color has spilled onto the background, in the second the spillage t is carved away. [read more]

October 2011 Heron and Bluebird Chairs

October 2011 square The chair for Barry and Alice is coming along. Here are two views of the bluebird chair, which is “Hers” In this photo all the joinery is done and all the parts are very square and blocky. All those square parts will be shaped to appealing curves. [read more]

September 2011 League Reception Desk Finished

September 2011 square The finished reception desk. The light fixtures were made by Peter Block, the iron work by David Little, the cabinetry by Seth Kedaisch, and the copper by Steve Hayden, all League craftsmen. I did the panels. It was a great project. [read more]

July 2011 Ladies Dressing Table Finished, and a chair project

Jeffrey Cooper "Dressing Table with Hummingbird and Trumpet Flowers" Those of you who have been following my newsletter will be glad to see the finished photo of the Ladies Dressing Table with Hummingbird and Flowers. Here it is! [read more]

 June 2011 A Lamp and Some Carvings

87[1]It is the second lamp design with birds native to New Hampshire. This one has a great blue heron, a pilieated woodpecker and a kingfisher. The lamp has three parts that come together in the center, with the lamp pipe running up a channel in the middle. [read more}

April 2011: Ladies Dressing Table

April 2011 square It’s a ladies vanity desk with hummingbird carvings on the side panels and the drawer fronts, and a mirror. I think it will be quite a sweet item. [read more]

March 2011  Some Carving Techniques

March 2011 square

The branches between the leaves have been designed to be ribbon like rather than lifelike. I figure out the twists and turns using a belt. The leaves are carved using different gouges to create textures that show the changing surfaces.

February 2011 Drawers for Pam’s CD cabinet

February 2011 square

The four small drawers in the center column do have dovetails front and back, though there is a slight overhang you see here. The reason for this overhang is the geometry of the situation.

January 2011 Assembling the Cabinet

I prefer to break down the assembly into as few steps as possible, so that I am only clamping in one direction at a time. [read more]

December 2010 Building the Casework

The lumber has been milled to thickness, glued into the sides and tops, resurfaced, cut to width and length, all the joinery planned and cut, then fitted, and this is the first time I’ve assembled the result. [read more]

November 2010 Designing a Cabinet to hold CD’s

November 2010 square The CD’s the cabinet will have eight drawers in two columns, and these will be behind doors to simplify the look. Between these columns will be a set of four smaller drawers, and another with a curved front that bridges this whole set. [read more]

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