“Carstuff” a recent commission for an automotive school at the Lakes Region Community College in New Hampshire. It is a collage of images of people working on cars, in a style inspired by the work of Marc Chagall

“Carstuff” detail showing the carving style with which I would show scenes of Dover history.

‘Tree of Life’ is a wall mounted memorial plaque at Temple Israel, Portsmouth New Hampshire

‘Olde Port Portico’ is the entrance to the children’s area of a library without walls in Tampa, Florida

‘Without Ado’ is two of four panels in the lobby of a hospital in Farmington Maine. I have done a similar, 9 panel set at Monadnock Hospital in Peterborough, NH.

A set of three benches carved in wood, cast in polyester resin, installed on the sidewalk of downtown Novato, CA. Happily your budget allows for casting in bronze rather than the resin.

‘Hands at Work’ is the reception desk at the League of NH Craftsmen headquarters in Concord, NH. Each carved panel shows hands working in different craft media. The idea is to show what the League is all about, much the same way as the panels in Dover 400 about Dover. The copper paneling in the lower section is by Steve Hayden, whom I have suggested for the copper backing panels for Dover 400

‘Hands at Work’ detail showing one of the ten carved panels

‘Hands at Work’ the upper canopy showing the ten carved panels and the ironwork by David Little, with whom I propose to collaborate on the ironwork for Dover 400

A sample of the landscape work by Chad Aiken of Spruce Creek Landscape, of Kittery, Maine.