Public Art

For Jeffrey, Public art is best when it connects places with the viewer. The artist is behind the scene, not the show itself. With that in mind, his public art commissions start with finding out the values and aspirations of the commissioning agency. Some examples – Olde Port Portico – to create a welcoming entrance to the children’s area of a library without walls. Hands at Work – to express the mission of the League of NH Craftsmen. Carstuff – to be meaningful to students learning the trade of car repair.

If you are looking for an artist to create public art, that is the approach Jeffrey will take with you.

Take some time to browse these public art projects. And if you like what you see don’t hesitate to contact Jeffrey to let him know, to join his mailing list, or to commission something for yourself or your organization.


Carstuff Cooper’s most recent public art installation, Carstuff can be seen in a classroom at the auto repair school at Lakes Region Community College in Laconia, NH. The collage of images woven together shows lots of stages of work on cars. Also, you may detect three panel groupings, one group with the outline of a… Read More »

Tree of Life

at Temple Israel, Portsmouth, NH Two local synagogues had merged, and a Tree of Life from one was to be redesigned for installation in the chapel at the consolidated Temple. The challenge was to utilize the set of commemoration leaves already mounted on Plexiglas backings in the new setting nestled into a corner where three… Read More »

African Burial Ground

A commemorative park in Portsmouth, NH Cooper had the honor of creating the caskets for the reinternment of thirteen of African Americans who were enslaved in Portsmouth in the 18th century, whose remains had been disturbed during a construction project. These photos show the procession and the placement of the caskets in a crypt in… Read More »

Three Bears Mailbox

For the same property as the Affinity 2 bench Black locust, stone Accommodating all the Postal Service height and setback requirements and allowing for snowbanks and plows in wintertime. In this case the homeowner had a landscaper install the stone with a threaded rod epoxied in, and a concrete pad for the foot of the… Read More »

Olde Port Portico

at the Jan K Platt library in Tampa, FL, Since this is a library without walls the architect simply specified “arch” on his drawings by the entrance to the children’s area. The challenge was to make the kids feel this is a place especially for them. The Portico features an endangered Florida Panther reclining atop… Read More »

Tell me of Bears, Whales and Hippos

at the Portsmouth NH Public Library Kids at the library love these benches. Parents in town often tell Cooper so. These were commissioned as a gift to the Library by the Thoresen family. Cooper’s granddaughter, Skyrah loves them when she visits. She’s very proud of her Grandpa. To see a black bear bench carving in… Read More »

Hands at Work

Reception desk at the headquarters of the League of NH Craftsmen The whole reception desk project was a collaboration of five artists, Cooper’s part being the panels attached to the metal structure of the canopy. The League of NH Craftsmen is, of course, all about handcraft. The ten panels focus on the hands of League… Read More »

Bridges House

Relief carvings built into the cabinetry in the kitchen at the Bridges House in Concord, NH. The Bridges House is the guest house of the State of New Hampshire, where official guests often visit and stay. The challenge was to use the artwork to communicate to these visitors what New Hampshire is all about. The… Read More »

without Ado

The title, “without Ado” is a quote from Tao Teh Ching which links the harmony of nature with the art of healing. A cessation from struggle. “The sage knows without traveling, sees without looking, and achieves without Ado.” without Ado 1 without Ado 1 is at the Monadnock Hospital in Peterborough, NH, nine panels with… Read More »