You’ve heard the saying “Form Follows Function,” Marshall McLuhan. This is a guiding principle for Jeffrey’s furniture designs. He starts with the question, “What do you want this piece to do for you?”

Obviously, if it’s a bed you want to sleep in it. A dining table is for eating, a chair for sitting, a cabinet or chest of drawers for storing stuff. But since Jeffrey has dived into the world of sculpture and wood carving he can bring in a whole new set of wants and needs into his pieces. Your personal expression. In this section you will see examples of work that includes a bed that is a tribute to a property on Lake Winnipesauke, several pieces that remember the travel adventures of his clients, and his own, some that reflect the flora and fauna of New England. And more.

Take some time to browse these furniture projects. And if you like what you see don’t hesitate to contact Jeffrey to let him know, to join his mailing list, or to commission something for yourself.

A Collection

A combination of a set of drawers and bookshelves with carved side panels, the carvings of books on shelves, selected titles I find important, meaningv and timely. Other books are represented by symbolic representations.     And zooming in to see details of the books carved on the left side Do you recognize the masterpiece… Read More »

Long Road Home

This table began with a large slab of pearwood from the Jere Osgood collection which I obtained when he retired. I have used parts of it elsewhere including a public art piece at the Lakes Region Community college in Laconia. It’s used pretty much as found preserving the live edge, working with the flaws in… Read More »

Dining with Flowers and Birds

A spectacular dining table set Cherry tinted with dichromate Table sized for eight with two leaves to expand to 10 or 12 place settings Classically sized side chairs and arm chairs Each chair back has carvings of a different flower front and back, and each flower is paired with a different bird, insect or other… Read More »

Three Quotes from Ovid

A folding screen Cherry, paldao veneer, roble burl veneer, paper 70 inches tall, sets up about 4 ½ feet long The artwork illustrates quotes from Ovid’s Metamorphasis, the story of Persephone which retells the story of how the seasons came to be. The quotes read: She was picking flowers, roses, crocus and beautiful violets She… Read More »


Inspired by the woods as found objects Walnut, Pearwood 16 x 32 x 34 inches tall Made from wood from the Jere Osgood collection which I obtained when he retired. The post is a remnant from one of his projects used much as I found it, the pearwood tables shaped by working around the knots… Read More »

More from the Menagerie

Children’s animal chair set with a table The table top has an assemblage of nine different veneers, for fun. To see more animal chairs [click here] Tp see animal chairs at Texas Children’s Hospital [click here]

Connected at the Hippos

and other animal benches The manatee bench is below the arch at the Jan K Platt library in Tampa, to see it [click here] You can also see a set of whale, hippo and bear at the Portsmouth  NH Library, to see it [click here] To see a black bear bench work in progress [click… Read More »

Backyard Birds of New England

and other floor lamps The lamps are made from maple or birch, and stand 54 inches at the socket. To see Backyard Birds work in progress [click here]  

Spider Chest of Drawers

A third spider piece to complete the set Walnut with Cherry panels, Red oak. Aromatic cedar 36 x 20 x 60 inches tall This one with carvings inspired by the interior of the house and antiques in it, and a forest and lake scene on front carved across the drawers. The bottom section you see… Read More »

Spider Bookshelf

A companion piece to the Spider Bed Walnut with Cherry panels 15 x 34 x 60 inches long With carved scenes from the New Hampshire Lakes Region – the walk up to the Red  Hill fire tower, the bridge to Black Cat Island as seen from the property, and Robin in a tree. To be… Read More »

Flowers and Birds on a Mission

Bluebird and Heron set The window overlooks Great Bay where Barry watches for great blue herons, and their porch where Alice enjoys the bluebirds that congregate at her feeders. One chair features herons with a small bluebird, and the other features bluebirds with a small heron in the scene. A little bit of yin in… Read More »

Spider Bed

Yes, that’s right. Spiders. Walnut frames with Cherry panels, poplar 86 deep x 74 wide x 65 inches tall, for California King mattress The ides for the Spider Bed began with a family story about watching a duck slurp a large water spider from under the boathouse. Andrew and Robin had seen Cooper’s Ants Totem… Read More »


Cedar, Pennsylvania schist, acrylic paints                                               17 inch seat height, 40 inches long A sweet little garden bench with a bit of Nakashima inspiration in the way the seat back is constructed. It has… Read More »

Affinity 2

Inspired by Affinity 1, but even taller Black locust, bluestone, acrylic paints A patron saw the Affinity bench and commissioned this one featuring carvings of animals seen at their newly purchase property where it sits, in the White Mountains of NH along the Kancamagus Highway, overlooking the Swift River. Their grandkids love it, crawling underneath… Read More »


A garden bench for two, with a high seat back Teak, bluestone, acrylic paints 32 x 56 x 56, high, 21 inches at the seat Inspired by the work of Antonio Gaudi seen in Barcelona, for the incorporation of nature into the design, and some whimsical jokes hidden throughout. The back legs take the form… Read More »

Fragrant Flow

A bench for a sweet corner of the garden Teak, bluestone, 20 x 48 long x 31 inches high Fragrant Flow provides seating for a quiet corner of your garden, where you can unwind and think about why we do what we do. It’s weather resistant, and has some thoughtful, carved surprises. Inscribed on the… Read More »

Botswana Recollection

A Folding Screen commission Cherry, elm burl veneers, hand made paper by Angela Follensbee, Screen 76 wide x 76 inches tall Table 16 x 29 wide x 26 high. One of several folding screens with hand cut hinges and shoji-style panels that pivot, adding a kinetic flexibility to how it can be used. The artwork… Read More »

Judy’s Surprise

A table for casual dining English Elm, Walnut base 25 x 52 x 30 inches high Judy one day drove to western Massachusetts and purchased a large slab of English Elm which she had seen online, drove home and surprised her husband. He asked, “What for?” and she told him of her plan to have… Read More »